The Virtual Airshow Has Arrived


Asian Sky Group (ASG) has announced that Dassault Aviation will be the cornerstone OEM exhibitor for its upcoming Asian Sky Group Virtual Exhibition & Conference (ASGVEC). The event will take place on the GathR Virtual Studios Mytaverse platform, allowing participants to interact with exhibitors and other attendees in real-time via webcam. Dassault’s “Falcon World” exhibit will offer a virtual showroom featuring photo-realistic 3D static displays—created using company-provided aircraft data—of its Falcon 8X and 6X business jets.

“With ASG, Mytaverse and the ASGVEC event, we saw an opportunity to present our Falcon jets to customers and prospects across the Asia-Pacific even though there are still many challenges to international travel in the region,” said Jean-Michel Jacob, Dassault Aviation Asia-Pacific president. “With ‘Falcon World’ we can arrange showings no matter where the prospect is and then join them in the aircraft for a guided tour.”

There are currently 44 exhibitors and more than 500 attendees signed up to attend ASGVEC, which is scheduled for Sept. 14-16, 2021. Designed to “mimic the experience that attendees would get if they were to visit an in-person event,” the show will include virtual exhibition halls, stands, booths and static aircraft displays. Event registration is free and can be completed at

Video: Asian Sky Group
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  1. Hmmm…this sort of reminds me of the great technological progress that resulted from World War II. Would I rather go to a trade show in person? You bet! Do I want to live in a “virtual world”? Well, in some aspects, yes. But only at a minimum. However given the state of this darn virus coupled with the nastiness of climate change, living “virtually” is seemingly a viable second choice. I think we’ll need more than hope to resolve these crises before we can return to living on a more hospitable planet.

  2. If this works as well as a typical Zoom meeting, it will be pretty useless. But, the companies selling aviation vapor ware should love it. Now they don’t even have to build a mock-up of their project, just hire a good computer video geek.

  3. Everyday I visit many virtual world’s. The many internet magazine like AvWeb, have catchy headlines to catch ones interest and an article to explain the topic, sometimes even a website/pictures/video. If I have questions and/or feel like putting my opinion out to others there’s a comment section.

    Where this concept is going to fail is the same way it fails in the comment sections… The product or idea promoters are given a chance to interact and answer these questions or respond to opinions but they rarely do. I wish Asian Sky Group (ASG) the best but, they probably won’t even participate in this virtual world anymore then anyone else.