Thielert Plans Increased U.S. Presence


“We have no new engine models in the works,” Frank Thielert said at EAA AirVenture on Tuesday morning. But a lot of work is under way to expand the U.S. service network, improve the TBR of the Centurion diesel engine and secure additional STCs so the engine can be mated with more airframes. “The trend is definitely toward diesel, especially in Europe,” Thielert said. “We’re certain that the diesel trend is real and right.” When he flew into Paris Le Bourget several weeks ago, Thielert said there was no avgas available there, and it is the biggest GA airport in all of Europe. He said that as more engines are returned to the factory for replacement, each one is torn down and inspected, and as the database builds up, that statistical information about engine wear can support a change in TBR. Currently the engines are replaced after 1,000 hours of use.

Thielert also said that all future deliveries of the Centurion will be as complete firewall-forward kits. Systems are very complex, he said, and by delivering entire systems he believes they can avoid interface problems like the battery issue that caused an engine failure and prompted an AD for the DA42 Twin Star recently.