Trig Shows Off New Navcomm


Trig Avionics announced plans for a new navcomm product family at AirVenture 2018. There are currently four version of the product—the TX56/TX56A and TX57/TX57A. According to the company, “the TX56 family will represent a practical retrofit for legacy units, being compatible with existing BK, Garmin and Apollo indicators.”

The 10-watt TX56 comes with a VOR/LOC converter as standard, which the company says makes it configurable with a wide range of cockpit instruments. It can save more than 200 frequencies and identifiers to its database. It also has a built-in digital course deviation indicator (CDI). “We are pleased to preview the TX56,” said Trig CEO Andy Davis. “It will make access to certified nav information widely available and will complete the Trig stack, when it becomes available in early 2019.” The unit measures 1.3 inches in height.

On the comm side, the TX56 is available with both 8.33 kHz (Europe) and 25 kHz channel spacing. It incorporates a feature that allows the pilot to replay of the last received transmission and has a fully customizable frequency database that can be loaded via the front panel USB port. The 16-watt TX57 and TX57A (760 channel) versions are designed for high-performance aircraft where a 28-volt supply is used. Trig will begin taking orders for the TX56 in Q4 of 2018 with the first product shipments expected to begin in early 2019. List prices run from $3,195 to $4,295.