Veterans Day: Honor Yourself with a Day Off


Every year before Veterans Day rolls around, I make a personal commitment to myself to take the day off. This simple pledge I have never managed to honor and it’s not looking too good today, either. (But I will be flying later today.)

So since I’m at my desk at 5 a.m., I’ve decided to encourage the many veterans among AVweb’s audience to do the same in mutual recognition of their national service. No flag waving, no patriotic prose, no teary reminiscing, no parades or speeches and certainly no squeezing into a uniform that may or may not fit.

Just this simple thing: I recognize, acknowledge and thank you for your commitment and sacrifice; any war, any theater, any era. The best we could hope for on this day, I suppose, is to not make any new veterans, to devise a way to settle our differences without resorting to war. Since that’s not looking too good either, the best we can do is to honor those who have served.

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