Volocopter 2X Debuts At Aero


E-volo is debuting its new electric-powered VTOL, the Volocopter 2X, at Aero, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, this week. The new version of the company’s two-seat multicopter represents the “evolution of the VC200 prototype towards everyday use,” the company said. The 2X has been developed for approval as an ultralight aircraft and is expected to be certified as a Sport Aircraft under a newly created “Multicopter” type category in Germany next year. The new sporty design includes glazed doors and optional leather seats, plus a new battery replacement system that allows for a quick swap in just a few minutes.

The 2X is designed to be easy to fly and extremely safe thanks to its automatic height and position control plus a highly redundant power system that’s failure-resistant, the company says. The Volocopter also is emission-free, and has a low noise output. E-volo added they are striving to obtain a commercial registration for the Volocopter, which would allow for the transportation of passengers in commercial taxi flights. The development of a four-seat Volocopter with international approval (EASA/FAA) is one of the next planned steps in development, the company said. The Volocopter has not yet been to a show in the U.S., but company representatives have told AVweb several times they would love to come to Oshkosh, so we’ll see.