What Your Customers Are Saying About AVweb

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What Your Customers Are Saying About AVweb

“Just wanted to drop a note to you and the crew at AVweb to say: Great job!!! You guys are really bringing Oshkosh home to those who can’t be there. The stories and audio feed are great! Thanks for doing an awesome job! See ya there!”MB

“Just a thanks to you from somebody who couldn’t make it this year…. your newsletter is the next best thing to being there.” AS

“Thanks again for your wonderful publication, I read it religiously. I an effort to support AVweb, I try to order online through your Website.”GP

“I have been visiting AVweb daily for almost a year now. I can’t wait for Monday and AVflash. I love being able to buy aviation products on line. All of these features are great. You have created a web site that should be a model for other web sites. Most sites have a hard time getting repeat visitors. I have a hard time visiting less then once a day. I didn’t think you guys could do any better. I was wrong! Your coverage of Oshkosh 99 is out of this world. I have to come in to the office an hour early to read OSHflash! Then I end up going through all the links on the Oshkosh page. All the articles are great.” DF

What Our Past AirVenture Sponsors
Are Saying About Their AVweb Advertising…

“With the growth of AVweb, and the aviation community’s dependence on the world-wide web for critical information, it made perfect sense for Unison Industries be a sponsor of AVweb’s AirVenture ’99 airshow coverage. The visibility and feedback generated by our banner advertisements, AVflash mentions and press coverage during the week-long event represented possibly the most effect use of our advertising budget last year.”

UNISON Industries

“We sell life insurance to pilot’s, and our biggest problem is getting the word out and since Oshkosh is the Superbowl of Aviation this is an important venue for us on your site. Your staff did a terrific job getting our promotion together and we came into contact with thousands of prospects and are still selling to the contacts we made during AirVenture Oshkosh 99. Sign us up for AirVenture 2000!”

Pilot Insurance Center

“Our message reaches more people, more quickly through AVweb. It is the on-line magazine of choice for people who cannot be in AirVenture and it should be the magazine of choice for advertisers at the show.”

Cirrus Design

“Avionics West was one of the AirVenture Oshkosh 99 sponsors during AVweb’s promotion. We found during the week of Oshkosh 99 that our sales surged to new heights. But something better happened. Our weekly hits AFTER Oshkosh 99 started to rise and haven’t stopped yet. AVweb’s promotion of Oshkosh 99 really increased our readership. Our readership has more than doubled since the AVweb promotion and it was clearly because of being a sponsor during that time frame.”

Avionics West

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