Yuneec: Electric Aircraft Are Here, Now


As regulatory authorities in the U.S. decide how to handle commercially manufactured non-ultralight electric-powered aircraft, Yuneec International is growing and improving its stable of electric-powered aircraft. The company’s two-place high-wing E430 debuted at AirVenture Oshkosh in 2009 and Wednesday, AVweb spoke with Clive Coote, Yuneec International’s managing director, about improvements to the design, the company’s progress and its coming offerings.

Regulatory agencies are currently working to develop standards for electric-motor-driven aircraft in the light sport category. Meanwhile, Coote says Yuneec has started to accept signed orders for the E430 and will be taking deposits “after the show” this year at Oshkosh. Yuneec says its E430 can currently offer an endurance of 2.25 to 2.5 hours while carrying a useful load of 390 pounds. In that configuration, the aircraft’s max takeoff weight of 1,050 pounds would put it well under the current light sport aircraft (LSA) limit of 1,320 pounds. The have more designs in the works. First deliveries of the E430 are currently expected to arrive to customers late in 2011.

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