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Going For Cold
January 20, 2019 Itís going to be a chilly 45 degrees in normally balmy Savannah, Georgia on Monday (near freezing overnight) so you can...

Suit Filed In Mountain Crash
January 19, 2019 Family members of passengers killed in the 2016 crash of a Cessna 182 in Tennessee claiming controllers should have warned the...

Israel Preparing Moon Shot
January 19, 2019 Israel hopes to add its name to the growing list of spacefaring countries that have landed spacecraft on the moon.

Should We Tip Flight Attendants?
January 17, 2019 Frontier Airlines encourages passengers to tip flight attendants but that's just a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

$20,000 Reward For Lost Warbird
January 17, 2019 A Chicago pilot is offering a $20,000 reward to anyone who can tell him where his TBM Avenger crashed after he and a passenger...

727 Ends Scheduled Passenger Service
January 16, 2019 The last scheduled passenger flight of a Boeing 727 was reportedly conducted Jan.12 by Iran Aseman Airlines.

Sick Calls Close TSA Checkpoints
January 14, 2019 The Transportation Security Administration is warning that there could be more security checkpoint closures and longer lines...

FAA To Propose Relaxing Drone Rules
January 14, 2019 The FAA is proposing relaxing rules for flying drones over people and at night. The FAA released a draft of the Notice of...

707 Crash Kills 15
January 14, 2019 Fifteen people died when a Boeing 707 cargo plane overran the runway in bad weather at Fath Airport in Karaj, near Tehran,...

Lion Air Voice Recorder Recovered
January 14, 2019 More than two months after the crash of a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX off Indonesia, divers have recovered the cockpit voice...