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Checkrides: The Examiner's View
December 11, 2013 What does an examiner look for when you walk through the door with a fresh application form and a smiling face?

2011 Year in Review
December 28, 2011 And what a year it was! These things may have happened. Or not.

CEO of the Cockpit #88: Going Back to the Carter Years The CEO's Last Airline Flight
April 1, 2009 Retirement? Now that the CEO is facing it, he recalls a prophetic flight with a retiring airline pilot in the jumpseat.

CEO of the Cockpit #87: Fly the Biggies by Starting with the Smallies
October 6, 2008 AVweb 's "CEO of the Cockpit" loves his RC Cub, but it's a different beast entirely from what he usually is in charge of.

CEO of the Cockpit #86: Heat
August 25, 2008 Even when it's snowing in the cockpit, it can get quite hot.

CEO of the Cockpit #85: Two Guys, a Gal, and a Bloody Mary Mix
July 28, 2008 People in aviation may have their differences, but there is peace in the valley at a fly-in.

CEO of the Cockpit #84: Terms of Up-Gearment
June 30, 2008 Don't try to imitate the "heavy iron" pilots on the radio. They have their own language issues.

CEO of the Cockpit #83: Never Kick a Frozen Chock
June 2, 2008 Stick around long enough and you'll feel the need to dispense wisdom about flight and life. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit is a...

CEO of the Cockpit #82: The Sky (Probably) Isn't Really Falling
May 5, 2008 AVweb's CEO of the cockpit is flying SIC in a Skyhawk, but he's lost his skill at being a tactful and deferential co-pilot.

CEO of the Cockpit #81: Ah, To Be In Newark In The Morning!
April 7, 2008 The nice part about Newark (and New York City) in the morning is ... leaving. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit has a good day, for...