A New LSA: Bristell From Liberty Sport Aviation


Liberty Sport Aviation brought a new LSA to the AOPA Summit in Hartford, Conn., this week, for the airplane’s U.S. debut. The all-metal low-wing Bristell is built in the Czech Republic. “We were looking for something fast, fun, and easy to fly,” said John Calla, of Liberty. The cockpit is a roomy 51 inches across at shoulder height, and it’s covered by a clear bubble canopy. Useful load is 616 pounds, and it can carry up to 34 gallons of fuel. The demo airplane has a Rotax 912 engine, but Calla said other options will be available. The Czech manufacturer BRMAero already has built 42 copies of the design. In the U.S., it will sell for $125,000 to $150,000, Calla said.

The Bristell was designed by Milan Bristela, who also was involved in the design of the PiperSport LSA and the Evektor SportStar. Liberty is forming a new company, BristellUSA, to market the airplane. The partners plan to ensure that dealers who sell the aircraft also provide parts, support, and training, Calla said. AVweb’s Mary Grady took a tour of the airplane at AOPA AirportFest, check back here for that video report later in the week.