An American Eagle regional crew ordered an emergency evacuation of their E175 as soon as they were off the runway at La Guardia on Saturday, citing “passenger behavior.” The flight was operated by Republic Airways and the crew declared an emergency as it approached New York. Police met the plane on a taxiway and arrested one man. The Hill is reporting the crew was concerned the passenger had “a device” but police didn’t find anything threatening. In fact, they subsequently found no evidence of criminality.

There were 78 passengers and four crew on board. “One of our aircraft, operating as American 4817, declared an emergency and landed at New York’s LaGuardia Airport without incident in response to passenger behavior near the end of the flight,” Jon Austin, a spokesperson for Republic Airways, said in a statement. “Upon exiting the active runway, the aircraft stopped on a taxiway and conducted a precautionary emergency evacuation.” The action was taken in response to complaints from fellow passengers that the man arrested was behaving suspiciously.


  1. With about 30% of Americans being delusional lunatics you must expect a little spill over into the ranks of airline passengers and maybe a few crew members to boot. Eventually most of these freedom loving citizens will end up on the no-fly list or win the ambient temperature contest.

  2. I read in our paper this morning that the guy was reading a magazine about vintage cameras. Then he pulled out a vintage camera from his carryon and began looking it over. Guess many folks these days don’t know about a camera, just the iPhone.

  3. IF the above article is correct about a vintage camera and the pax freaked about it, someone owes this guy a huge apology. No where did it state he was “unruly”. The ignorance and paranoia of today’s general populace will only worsen.

  4. I volunteer as guide / docent up at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton. During a tour (Pre-Covid) in the space gallery, as I was explaining the operation of one of our spy satellites from the early years of the “Cold War” I mentioned how many miles of film were contained within a cartridge which after hundred of photos were taken, was ejected, came through the atmosphere and actually was recovered (most of the time) in mid air during its parachute assisted decent. One of the younger members of the group politely raised his hand and asked “excuse me sir, what is film?”

    P.S. I enjoy AVweb immensely, like the other tens of thousands. And always try to read the comments or letters, but rarely comment myself. Let’s leave the snarky, dumb political comments out of it.

  5. I don’t see a political angle to this story.

    I also collect antique cameras.

    I agree many people nowadays are quite stupid and reactionary, and often one of them of them may be sitting next to you on any given flight.

    A quick google revealed no contributory information on the person being held face down on the tarmac.

    Anyone know anything about him or the outcome of this incident?

  6. “We landed really hard and then out of nowhere people were screaming in the back of the airplane,” the passenger said. “Some guy claimed to have had a bomb on him. It was a suspicion of a bomb and then everyone was just shoving and pushing, jumping out of the airplane. They launched a slide. People were falling off the slide left and right. They were bleeding. It was crazy.” (local tv interview)

    The guy was later released from custody.

  7. The man who was suspected to be a “bomber” in the LaGuardia emergency landing incident on Saturday, Oct. 9, turned out to be nothing more than a vintage camera owner, in a strange case of mistaken identity.

    A Republic Airways flight was forced to be grounded in LaGuardia Airport in New York City after a woman mistakenly assumed that a man holding and operating a vintage camera inflight was harboring an explosive device instead, according to the New York Daily News.

    The man was reportedly scrolling through pictures of antique cameras when the woman assumed that he was looking up instructions to make a bomb—and panicked when she saw him operating the timer in his own vintage camera.

    After the “suspicious and erratic behavior” was reported, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in LaGuardia airport, causing mass confusion and multiple injuries in the panicked passengers of the plane, according to ABC 7.

    “Some people were yelling, ‘bomb.’ Some people were yelling, ‘fire.’ It’s very unclear what’s happening. Most people were just saying, ‘Run. Go,’” Abigail Kunkle, a passenger on the flight said.

    People reportedly overreacted as they attempted to leave the plane, causing multiple bleeding injuries from when passengers of the flight fell down and injured themselves as hysteria set in.

    “Everyone was just shoving and pushing, jumping out of the airplane [after landing]. They lost the slide, people were falling off the slide left and right. People were bleeding. It was crazy,” passenger Sawad Khuja said.

  8. OK, the poor camera-phile was arrested, man-handled, humiliated, and subsequently found to be completely innocent of any wrong-doing.

    What is the name of the Karen who caused the whole debacle? What happened to her? Please tell me she’s on the permanent no-fly list, at least.

  9. Karen certainly failed the IQ test and hurt A LOT of people. It’s not hard to imagine permanent injuries caused by falling out of a jetliner onto the ramp then getting trampled by some other panicked denison of society.

    Screw her.

    She could never be prosecuted for this, and she is probably telling her friends what a proactive hero she was. Then she will sue the airline.

  10. It’s really irritating what happened there !

    I’m slowly getting more afraid of the “normal” passengers than of supposed terrorists.

    It is enough to pick up an object that someone does not know to trigger a “bomb alarm” –
    that cannot be true!

    How stupid you have to be to react like that and what role did the crew play ?
    They just watched or convinced themselves that there was a possible danger.
    As the supreme authority on board, what information did the First Officer rely on
    to declare an Emergency ?

    I will soon be back flying to the USA to fly as a Private Pilot in this beautiful country.
    I have all my avionics in my hand luggage –
    I think I would be well advised not to get anything out of them,
    maybe someone stupid could think it’s a bomb !?

    That really can’t be true and what are the consequences
    for the person who started this mess?