Cirrus Adds Enhanced Vision


Six months after introducing the Perspective avionics package with integrated synthetic vision, Cirrus Design has added the Max Viz 600 infrared enhanced vision system to the package. The new system was announced at AOPA Expo in San Jose. The display is integrated into the 12-inch multi-function display and can be shown at full-screen size or simultaneously with Smart Taxi airport mapping function or the moving map. Meanwhile, the synthetic vision component is running on the PFD, giving the pilot both views to compare. “It really is a stress reliever, especially in night operations,” said Cirrus Market and Product Strategy Analyst Matt Bergwall.

The system’s camera is mounted in a pod under the left wing. It has sensors for both ambient and infrared light and the two images are merged in the display inside. The system is available immediately on production line aircraft and existing airplanes can be retrofitted at Cirrus Service Centers. It costs $14,900.