Powerful Learning By Computer


There are any number of training aids available for your home computer but Powerful Learning says it’s put together the whole package in a software suite that gives student pilots and those facing recurrent training all the tools they need to be successful without taking their eyes off the computer screen. A t a news conference at AOPA Expo in San Jose, company President Dave Meindl said the system offers features common in other online training devices, including an updated list of the 555 questions the FAA draws from to make its knowledge tests. But it also has a complete FAA reference library integrated into training system allowing users to instantly link to the relevant FAA documents as they prepare. “No other company offer this,” he said.

There are currently two curriculum streams, one aimed at those cramming for their FAA knowledge test and the other for those facing recurrency and who just want to stay sharp on the material. The user can choose to be challenged in the FAA style with multiple choice questions or, if they really want to learn the material, there’s a flash card format that enables pilots to prepare for the random questions they’ll face in their biennial flight review. The material is updated continuously through downloads from the company’s Web site but the content is not Web based and resides on the user’s hard drive.