AVweb Launches Aerosearcher

AVweb.com’s Aerosearcher service locates 20,000 aircraft for sale, 30,000 aviation jobs and 300,000 GA parts and products available from Aircraft Spruce and other suppliers.


Want to locate a hard to find Meyers 200 piston single but don’t have time to search a dozen databases? Or choose a landing light for your Cessna 210 but don’t have a part number—and want to compare an AeroLEDS product to an offering from Whelen without the same search problem? The solution is Aerosearcher.com, the world’s most powerful search engine for General Aviation aircraft for sale, jobs and aircraft parts, which can now be accessed via a widget located on the AVweb.com homepage.

AVweb and Aerosearcher.com are now enabling AVweb subscribers (and soon KITPLANES subscribers) to search databases including over 20,000 new and used aircraft for sale, over 30,000 aviation related jobs and more than 300,000 GA parts and products. Aerosearcher offers a well-organized and easy to use keyword search engine capability that gives AVweb subscribers instant access to postings in the U.S. and worldwide for GA aircraft for sale, jobs and a huge database of parts and products.

Subscribers can search by aircraft make and model—or model only via the aircraft search bar. A search for “Cessna 172” will call up all models and a more specific “Cessna 172N” search will yield that model only or find similar models that do not list their model alphanumeric. In addition, Aerosearcher can directly access over 100,000 Aircraft Spruce SKUs (aircraft parts and products) which can be identified by part number. It also locates a broad range of pilot products with or without known part numbers which can be searched with phrases like “handheld radio.”

Located on the AVweb.com homepage in the right-hand column, the Aerosearcher widget is simple and intuitive to use. No other aviation media outlet offers subscribers the power of the Aerosearcher widget. If an AVweb subscriber simply enjoys looking at aircraft asking prices, for example, Aerosearcher will offer that premium data soon. For AVweb advertisers and subscribers, Aerosearcher’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities make it easier to connect with known suppliers for a product search.

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