“AVweb works for Aircraft Spruce, and it will work for you too.”

Rob Irwin, VP marketing, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.


SPONSORED CONTENT—Rob’s comments arrived in the AVweb marketing department last week as aviation’s premier news and information service prepared to roll out phase one of its new classified advertising system. According to Publisher Tom Bliss, AVweb’s classified ad service is in “pre-launch” and will start accepting listings from aviation service providers this week.

“If you run a flight school, an engine shop, an aircraft brokerage, you’re an avionics installer, or you run a maintenance facility of any kind, you’ll want to consider AVweb Classifieds,” he said. “It’s an affordable way to put the power of AVweb.com in your corner … just like marketing giant Aircraft Spruce.”

Now in its 27th year, AVweb.com’s digital news and feature service has become the go-to for pilots who want to keep abreast of breaking developments in general, military, space, or business aviation. Partnering with sister publications Aviation Consumer, Aviation Safety, IFR and Kitplanes, AVweb offers an immediacy and depth that sets it apart in aviation publishing.

“AVweb.com has become the crossroads of breaking news and opinion,” explains Timothy Cole, chief content officer of AVweb.com parent Belvoir Media Group. “Our readers aren’t shy. They are experienced, knowledgeable and forthright in our commenting sections. And they offer important context for news and developments in a field we all care about.” This robust editorial environment offers a great home for aviation marketers of all shapes and sizes—from large, successful companies like Aircraft Spruce, to individual pilots who want to buy, sell or trade, says Cole. AVweb.com has more than a million sessions a month, and its five-times weekly Flash e-letter hits more than a hundred thousand pilot inboxes each weekday morning. 

Aviation service providers can load listings this week, and get their first two months free. The next phase of the AVweb Classifieds rollout will be May 23 for aviation job posters, then aircraft brokers May 30. Aircraft owners looking to buy, sell or trade (experimentals, too) can start loading June 6. The official launch will be June 20. From that date, early listers will be able to post their advertising free of charge for 60 days—no credit cards or bank links needed.

Brokers with multiple listings can contact Publisher Tom Bliss—at tom@avweb.com, or 602-625-6815—for special instructions. There is no ad limit to AVweb Classifieds free 60-day offer.

For more information, you can also visit the Classifieds tab in AVweb.com’s navbar. Or visit classifieds.avweb.com—where aviation means business.

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