Biden Boosts Supersonic Travel


President Joe Biden might need a refresher in high school physics but his heart seems to be in the right place when it comes to advancing aviation technology. As part of the pitch on his $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal, Biden mused about harnessing the country’s R&D capabilities and develop, among other things, hypersonic passenger airliners capable of flying 21,000 MPH, which is practically impossible in the atmosphere. At any rate, the comments indicated general support for supersonic travel as part of a pep talk to stoke national pride.

“I tell the kids, the young people who work for me, tell my kids when I go on college campuses: they’re going to see more change in the next 10 years than we’ve seen in the last 50 years,” the president said. “We’re going to talk about commercial aircraft flying at … supersonic speeds.” It might have had an element of enlightened self-interest, too. The Air Force is pursuing a proposal to create a supersonic Air Force One. Civilian supersonic flight over land is currently illegal in the U.S. but companies developing new supersonic designs are pushing the FAA to allow testing of new technologies that will prevent the shock wave and its boom from reaching the ground.

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  1. “passenger airliners capable of flying 21,000 MPH” ??? Really. Biden had better go back to his basement and watch some episodes of Star Treck. Will “Beam me up Joey” transporters be part of the infrastructure bill too? 🙂

    • My compassion for him as a physician outweighs my distain. I genuinely feel bad he was forced into a puppet position at his advanced age and with significant neurological problems. He needs to be in a low stress position where he can harm no one or be harmed by anyone. Fishing in Florida may be better. That way he could only harm a tuna.

      • Bill your panties are in a wad about Elon’s lifestyle but amid all the Covid related stories and the 100s of thousands of deaths attributable to recent presidential malpractice you haven’t uttered a word about Biden’s predecessor’s lifestyle, not so different from Elon’s. Not one word about the man’s Covid related malpractice. Yet you are quick to issue neurological diagnosis on Biden? Quack alert!

        • Despite your homophilic comment, I do not wear panties.

          My presumptive neurologic diagnosis on Mr. Biden is medically justifiable based on clinical observation of his thinking and speech behavior.

          On his worst day (former, and perhaps future) President Trump is a better man than Elon on his best day.

          • Sorry John, I retract my statement. I can’t delete it however.

            I didn’t want to make a personal attack, you didn’t deserve that for having different viewpoints than I do. Your points are also valid, although I don’t agree with them.

            Important thing to note though, never call a skilled physician a quack. It’s an insult akin to calling a man’s wife a whore. I’m sure you didn’t mean it to be so hateful, you probably didn’t know.

            Have a nice day,


    • Not exactly. The “groundspeed” decreases because the vehicle is orbiting at a larger radius. But orbital vehicles DO accelerate to increase the altitude of their orbit and decelerate to “fly” lower.