Brick by Brick: Animator Recreates “Maverick” Trailer in LEGO


Described as a labor of love, stop-action animator Augustus Danko (who goes by the name OnBeatMan), has recreated the trailer for “Top Gun: Maverick,” due to reach theaters this summer. The movie is a continuation of the “Top Gun” franchise, a mere 35 years after the original debuted. As we wait for the film, we’ve all seen the trailer. Danko’s take follows the studio trailer frame for frame, and is so cheeky in its approach it’s hard not to smile when you watch it.  

Danko’s project finally cements the idea that LEGO aren’t just for stepping on in your child’s room at night, but have formed the backbone of a new form of artwork. See his video below, as well as the original with a very well preserved Tom Cruise.

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