Bombardier Receives First European Charter Order For Challenger 3500


Bombardier announced on Monday that it has received a firm order from Italian-based aircraft management firm Air Corporate SRL for a Challenger 3500 business jet. The company will be the first European operator to offer a Challenger 3500 for charter services. The Challenger 3500, an updated version of Bombardier’s Challenger 350, was introduced in 2021 and is expected to enter service later this year.

“The new Challenger 3500 aircraft is the perfect charter solution for Air Corporate SRL and other flight departments, offering a truly seamless corporate travel experience,” said Ettore Rodaro, Bombardier regional vice president for sales in Europe. “With its impressive performance, consistent reliability and exceptional smooth ride, the Challenger 3500 is the industry’s leading super mid-size business jet.”

The Challenger 3500 will offer a top speed of Mach 0.83, 3,400-NM range and maximum payload of 3,400 pounds. It will be powered by Honeywell HTF7350 engines and equipped with the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. Upgrades to the aircraft include an autothrottle system, reduced cabin altitude and redesigned interior.

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