Daher Introduces 2020 TBM 940 With Autoland


Daher unveiled its model year 2020 TBM 940 single-engine turboprop on Wednesday along with introducing the company’s new HomeSafe emergency autoland system. HomeSafe, which is based on Garmin’s Emergency Autoland, is designed to automatically return to an airport and land the aircraft using weather, traffic, fuel, airport and terrain information. The company expects to have FAA and EASA certification for HomeSafe later this spring.

“The TBM 940 redefines safety and reliability in its category, and continues Daher’s pragmatic introduction of cockpit automation for lower pilot workload and enhanced situational awareness,” said Daher Aircraft Division Senior Vice President Nicolas Chabbert. “This latest step extends our innovation into a feature that specifically addresses operational safety from passenger point of view.”

Deliveries of HomeSafe-equipped TBM 940s are scheduled to begin in June. Daher will also offer HomeSafe as a retrofit for earlier-production TBM 940 aircraft for $85,000. The Pratt & Whitney PT6-66D-powered TBM 940 has a top cruise speed of 330 knots, 1,730-NM range and 1,400-pound payload. The 2020 model will also come equipped with Garmin GWX 75 Doppler weather radar.

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