HondaJet Elite S Upgrade Introduced


Honda Aircraft Company unveiled an upgraded version of its HondaJet light business jet at a virtual launch event on Wednesday. The HondaJet Elite S will feature the addition of an aircraft communications, addressing and reporting system (ACARS), FAA DataComm and Com3 radio along with the newly introduced advanced steering augmentation system (ASAS). It also offers a 200-pound increase in maximum takeoff weight and additional 120 NM of range.

“Since its introduction in 2018, the HondaJet Elite has achieved the best performance in its class while also being the most efficient, and with the new Elite S, we take another step forward in expanding the aircraft’s capability,” said Honda Aircraft Company CEO Michimasa Fujino. “As a result of the innovation, design and engineering on the new Elite S, we are once again setting a new standard in business aviation.”

The HondaJet Elite S has a top cruise speed of 422 knots, 1,437-NM range and maximum cruise altitude of 43,000 feet. It is powered by GE Honda HF120 engines and comes equipped with the Garmin G3000-based HondaJet avionics suite. The original HondaJet model flew for the first time in 2003 and received its FAA type certificate in 2015.

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  1. Well, it is in service, 172 delivered according to Wikipedia, an order of magnitude more than the VFW614 (albeit it was too early and too expensive for its airline market), fewer than Cessna’s Mustang (479), will surpass the Eclipse 500 series (260), fewer to date than the Phenom 100 (roughly 400).

    • Not really sure what your inventory counts are about, since half of those models have already been been discontinued.

      I follow light jets, so here’s various factoids:

      – the Mustang was discontinued in 2017 and the Eclipse in 2008.

      – the TBM series (SP single turboprops) is very popular with owner/pilots since it’s the biggest step up single available without a jet rating.

      – it’s impressive what HondaJet has accomplished. $1+ billion investment sunk, but racking up sales. Interesting how they contribute to the engine design and assembly, not just the airframe. It’s US-made, so local support for US owners.

      – In the helicopter market, Robinson has competition now from new companies with long-life blades, etc. that dramatically lower TCO.