Pilatus Delivers 100th PC-24


Pilatus announced the delivery of its 100th PC-24 business to new owner Jetfly Aviation on Tuesday. The PC-24 received its FAA and EASA type certifications in December 2017 and the first aircraft was delivered to New Hampshire-based PlaneSense the following February. According to Pilatus, the PC-24 fleet has logged more than 33,500 flight hours to date with the fleet leader accumulating 2,375 hours.

“We hit the bullseye with the PC-24: I’m very encouraged by such high demand,” said Pilatus Chairman Oscar Schwenk. “We’re already sold out for 2021, but the order book is open for deliveries from 2022 onward. Investment in the PC-24 helps us to secure jobs at our Swiss site on a long-term basis. We are also working on further optimisations.”

The single-pilot-certified PC-24 has a 2,000-NM range, 440-knot maximum cruise speed, 2,500-pound payload and paved-runway takeoff distance of 2,930 feet. The 11-passenger jet is powered by Williams FJ44-4A engines. As previously reported by AVweb, the PC-24 obtained full rough field certification in February 2020.

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