A Norse Atlantic Airways Boeing 787 landed at Troll Airfield (QAT) in Antarctica on Nov. 15, making it the largest aircraft to touch down on the ice runway. 

According to the Norwegian carrier’s press release, the Dreamliner carried 45 passengers including scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute and various countries along with 12 tons of research equipment for the journey. The aircraft took off Nov. 13 from Oslo, and made a stop in Cape Town, South Africa, before heading on the Antarctic leg. 

“It is a great honor and excitement on behalf of the entire team Norse that we have achieved together a momentous moment of landing the first 787 Dreamliner,” said CEO of Norse Atlantic Airways Bjorn Tore Larsen. “In the spirit of exploration, we are proud to have a hand in this important and unique mission. It is a true testament to our highly trained and skilled pilots and crew, and our state-of-the-art Boeing aircraft.”

Since Antarctica does not have traditional paved runways, Norse Atlantic Airways touched down on Troll Airfield’s 10,830-feet by 330-feet runway made of compacted ice and snow.  

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