EAA To Hold Homebuilders Week In January


Pilots already building their own airplanes or giving it serious thought won’t have to wait for AirVenture 2021 to do their research. The Experimental Aircraft Association has announced a week of online events called the Homebuilders Week, starting Jan. 26.

“EAA members and the homebuilt aircraft community have always been generous in sharing information and knowledge when it comes to constructing a safe and fun aircraft,” said Charlie Becker, EAA’s director of chapters, communities, and homebuilt community manager. “Homebuilders Week is a tremendous learning opportunity that celebrates our legacy of, as EAA founder Paul Poberezny often said, using hand and mind to create aircraft that allow us to enjoy the personal freedom of flight.”

Presentations start at 1 p.m. Central time and include a range of topics from buying a used homebuilt to deciding on which kit, engine or avionics to buy. According to EAA,
“New and experienced builders will also find in-depth talks on panel planning, engine selection, FAA certification, flight testing, and selling a homebuilt aircraft. The live sessions will also allow plenty of time for attendee questions. Recordings will be archived and available to EAA members for review after the week’s presentations are completed.”

“Homebuilders Week is an excellent opportunity for aviation enthusiasts and EAA chapters to gather to learn more together, or for individuals to acquire the knowledge they need to be confident, successful aircraft builders,” Becker said. “These presentations add to the resources EAA already makes available to anyone who wants to participate.”

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