IMAX Documentary The Blue Angels Gets Release Date


The Blue Angels—an IMAX documentary from Amazon studios focused on the Navy’s premiere aeronautical demonstration team—has a set release date for May 17.

A new trailer that debuted on YouTube Wednesday gave viewers a glimpse into the film, which offers an immersive experience providing firsthand cockpit views of the Blue Angel’s precision flying and aerial maneuvers. The documentary will focus on what it takes to become a Blue Angel—from the team’s selection process and training regime through the demanding eight-month show season.

The film will also be a tribute to the extraordinary teamwork, passion and pride of the hundreds of outstanding men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps,” according to a press release. The film’s release coincides with the 78th anniversary of the Blue Angels’ mission, which includes 138 active-duty sailors and Marines.

Produced by Glen Powell, star of “Top Gun: Maverick,” and filmmaker J.J. Abrams, the documentary will be in IMAX theaters for one week before globally streaming on Prime Video starting May 23rd.

Amelia Walsh
Amelia Walsh is a private pilot who enjoys flying her family’s Columbia 350. She is based in Colorado and loves all things outdoors including skiing, hiking, and camping.


  1. Why shoot a movie in iMax and then make it available in theaters for only a week only then to stream it? Classic Amazon.

    • I believe that the one week release qualifies it for certain awards – maybe Oscars?

      I wonder how much the cameras and lenses differ for 4K vs IMAX.

      • > “I wonder how much the cameras and lenses differ for 4K vs IMAX.”

        It seems that the answer is, “greatly”.

        Have a look at the Wikipedia article on “IMAX” for information about aspect ration, lenses, and film stock. Then do a web search for “IMAX and 4K comparison”. Look for article “MCU Video Compares Disney+’s IMAX Enhanced vs 4K Aspect Ratios” at ScreenRant, and “IMAX Enhanced vs. 4K, Blu-ray, & Widescreen Streaming” on Swift Moves. (Links not included so as not to trigger AvWeb’s moderating delay.) And of course, there are issues of the density of visual information on film which can be greater than on digital, the fraction of your field of view occupied by the display surface, and the amount of visual information per second which projected film can deliver compared to digital video.

        • Yeah, I wasn’t thinking clearly. In fact, I was thinking about smaller IMAX theaters with digital projectors – not the cameras, at all.

          [I was probably conflating three vs. single camera Cinerama, as well.]

          Back in the 80s, I was with a group of engineers who were being courted by the California Science Center for help with their IMAX system. We got a detailed tour of the entire projection system, from the rolling loop film handling to the electronics involved. We saw a visually stunning ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ plus a number of short – including one on the Blue Angels!

          What goes around comes around.

          (We got random IMAX film frames as souvenirs; mine was of the Blues.)

  2. Incredible precision and showmanship. I especially love their “sneak pass”. I’m sure this IMAX epic will contain as many positive DEI references and live examples as they can possibly cram in. But will it address a former member of the Blue Angels in 2014 claiming the team “was a hotbed of hazing, sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination,” with lead pilots participating in “persistent homophobic humor”? Uhh, NO !

    • “But will it address a former member…”

      It might, because that period marked the recognition and the beginning of the end of such behavior.

      From The San Diego Union Examiner:

      “Tuesday’s report reveals that the respected team – known for its spectacular flying formations and snug blue flight suits – has been in disarray for some time.

      When McWherter started his first tour in 2008, two officers had been fired from the team for fraternization and the group had suffered a fatal crash in April 2007. The atmosphere in the “ready room” – the pilots’ gathering place – was tense.

      McWherter is credited with getting the team basically back on track over the next two years. At least, no sexual harassment is alleged during that time.”

      He was rotated off, but was recalled in under a year when his successor was ‘fired’ due to unsafe flying. This was when he began to not only allow, but to encourage the actions described in a whistle-blower’s complaint. This led to an investigation and overhaul/reform of their operations in a quest to become a poster child example of DEI progress.

  3. If they used the same camera systems on the jets that they used in Maverick, it should be phenomenal. I will definitely go to the IMAX to see this one.