Industry Round-up, March 19, 2021


This week, AVweb’s news roundup has uncovered reports on a new instrument training device, plans to expand a training fleet, a university awarding credits for FAA licenses and the release of an aviation safety management system. We also found reports on a contract for online pilot training, a distance learning agreement for an airline, a panel upgrade for Falcon Jets and a new hands-free lavatory door for aircraft. ICARUS Devices has announced that its Smart View Limiting Device for instrument flight and weather decision making training is now on sale. The Smart View Limiting Device uses Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film to electronically alter the pilot’s visibility.

Paragon Flight Training plans to expand its training and aviation technology services in Fort Myers, Florida, including increasing its fleet from 15 to 45 – 55 aircraft within five years. To support that growth, the flight academy has signed a 10-year contract with Lee County Port Authority. Also in the world of Florida flight training, Naples-based Hodges University has announced that flight students at First Landings Aviation and Pilots will be eligible to receive university credits for FAA licenses and ratings earned. Credits can be applied toward the school’s Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies in the Aviation or alternatively as elective credit toward other degrees.

Polaris Aero has released its new VOCUS SMS aviation safety management system (SMS) software application. VOCUS SMS will replace the company’s Vector SMS software. Avsoft International has been awarded a contract for online pilot training by Hub’Air Aviation Academy. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Hub’Air will use Avsoft’s A320 and Boeing 737 Classic and NG aircraft systems courses along with general subject online pilot courses for ground school theory training. Also with a new training contract, CPaT Global will be providing aircraft systems courses, interactive diagrams and a general subjects library for initial and recurrent training on A320, A330, A350, E170/190 and ATR72 aircraft for Finnair Flight Academy. The contract also includes CPaT’s CPaT Invent content development software platform.

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has announced that its SAM MD302 standby attitude module has been supplemental type certificate (STC) approved for Falcon 900 A/B/C/EX series aircraft. The SAM MD302 is a 2-inch, solid-state instrument capable of displaying attitude, altitude, airspeed, slip, vertical trend and heading information. Also with a technology upgrade, Jamco Corporation has introduced a hands-free lavatory lock knob and door handle for passenger aircraft. The system was developed in collaboration with All Nippon Airways.

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  1. While I immediately recognize the value of the Smart View training device, I can’t help but notice if I wanted to recreate one for my own personal use I could buy the electrically dimming sheet with a battery powered variable control knob for $23 on Amazon.
    All the same, it still looks like a good aviation grade training tool and is priced rather accordingly…