Mass. Senator Backs Off On Landing Fee Plan


After his phone blew up last week, Massachusetts state senator Julian Cyr is rethinking his proposal to levy a $1,000 landing fee on private and corporate aircraft. As we reported last week, Cyr proposed “An Act to Mitigate the Climate Impact of Private and Corporate Air Travel,” in a bill to be considered by the state senate. As he found out in a hurry, not all private aircraft are created equal and he quickly offered some changes to his bill, “specifically in exempting flights that are used for pilot training and small type planes,” he told WBZ News Radio.

Cyr’s idea to make the rich pay for the environmental impact of their vacation flights to the seaside playground got a lot of ink in the aviation press and now he’s saying it was intended as a “conversation starter” on the topic and he’s willing to significantly narrow its focus sparing the “little guy” and hitting the well heeled. “We’re really looking at out of state-owned private jets and other private aircrafts, particularly large jets owned by a corporation or owned by a company,” said Cyr. 

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  1. I love it when some politician tries to introduce some draconian legislation, but then walks it back when the feathers hit the fan. Cyr knows good and well that his bill was never a “conversation starter”, but another attempt to soak all we “rich” airplane owners. I find it truly heartwarming that he is now willing to protect the “little guy” but still soak the rich. I wasn’t planning to fly into Massachusetts, but after this, I can guarantee I will never set foot in that state.

  2. This pathetic clown revealed for all to see that [surprisingly, for generally well-educated Bay Staters] he is both barely literate and knows NOTHING about aviation by thinking the plural of “aircraft” requires an “s”. Probably spells airport “hangar” with an “e”. If YOU do too, CUT IT OUT, DUMMY!

  3. Undoubtedly a preliminary feint. Watch for another smaller landing fee to be proposed. This is what they do when they want to impose another tax. They test and test until they see what the sheeple are willing to tolerate.

  4. Cyr needs more attitude adjustment.

    While I’m just a little guy private pilot, those big guys with all the $$$ spend a lot in the areas where they land and do business… Now, maybe some high muckity mucks offset their jest setting ways with “carbon credits” or some other such nonsense… making them pay stupid landing fees means that they too will choose another way…

  5. I bought a Piper PA-28 in Mass. 19 years ago and had to carefully remove the registration sticker off of the pristine paint. I see that would now cost $165 for the airplane annually. Those people have their hands out all over the place. I will never step foot in the State, either.