Boeing Lands C-17 Sustainment Program Contract


The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded a performance-based logistics (PBL) contract to Boeing for the C-17 Globemaster III sustainment program. Activities covered by the contract will include engineering, field support and material management for the 275-aircraft C-17 fleet. Boeing has been providing PBL support for the C-17 fleet since 1998.

“The C-17 continues to serve as the strategic airlift workhorse for the nation, as evidenced by its impressive performance in the recent airlift of more than 124,000 evacuees from Afghanistan in an around-the-clock operation,” said Air Mobility Command (AMC) director of logistics, engineering and force protection Brig. Gen. Darren Cole. “As the command responsible for operating the U.S. Air Force C-17 fleet, AMC looks forward to the continued partnership with our Boeing teammates as we work to keep the Globemaster fleet healthy for years to come.”

The contract’s initial award comes in at $3.5 billion with options that could bring its total value up to a maximum of $23.8 billion. It covers a period of nine years and eight months, which includes three 12-month ordering periods, two 37-month options and a six-month option to extend services. If all options are exercised, the expected completion date for contract is May 30, 2031.

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    • I flew the C-141 for 16 years and still am not happy that it was trashed so abruptly for the C-17. I realize that things get replaced over time, after all, the B-17 isn’t on active duty anymore. That said, the B-52 is headed towards 100 years. 🙂
      Sad part is that in the C-141, I carried some things that won’t fit into the C-17 because they are too long. That, plus there is always a mission for an “in-between” airplane where the C-130 is not enough and the C-17 is too much. One such mission is long range AirEvac for example. The airframe would have worked very well forever in the Guard or Reserves.
      Oh well… memories.