Boeing, Red 6 Partner On Augmented Reality For Fighter Pilot Training


Boeing has partnered with Red 6 to develop augmented reality (AR) technology for aerial dogfighting and training in advanced tactical aircraft. The collaboration agreement includes integrating Red 6’s Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) and Augmented Reality Command and Analytic Data Environment (ARCADE) into Boeing-manufactured military aircraft. Initial platforms being considered are the T-7 and F-15EX.

“Readiness and lethality are critical if our warfighters are to prevail against peer adversaries,” said Red 6 founder and CEO Daniel Robinson. “Boeing’s next-generation platforms will be the first aircraft in the world that are capable of entering our augmented reality training environment. Together, we will deliver a paradigm shift in the quality, quantity and cost of training future pilots.”

According to Red 6, ARCADE and ATARS “bring virtual and constructive assets into the real-world by allowing pilots and ground operators to see synthetic threats in real-time, outdoors and, critically, in high-speed environments.” The system, which lets pilots “interact with augmented reality aircraft, targets and threats on the ground or in the air while flying and training in their actual aircraft,” is designed to provide AR training scenarios such as air combat maneuvers, refueling, tactical formation and surface-to-air weapon engagements. Red 6 says its systems are the first wide field-of-view, full-color AR solutions that operate in dynamic outdoor environments.

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