F-15EX Flies Weeklong Operational Test Mission


The U.S. Air Force has announced that its F-15EX Eagle lls flew their first large-scale operational test mission at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base from Oct. 18-25. Testing was led by Nellis’ Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center Detachment 6 along with units from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where the F-15EXs have been undergoing developmental testing, Nellis and the Oregon and Florida National Guard. For the mission, the Air Force’s two Eagle IIs were paired with F-15 C and E models.

“The main focus here is to provide the initial push for operational tests and evaluation to really evaluate the platform from an end-to-end perspective with the addition of a robust threat environment that we have here at Nellis,” said Colton Myers, Operational Flight Program Combined Test Force F-15EX test project manager. “That way, when we write our initial test reports, we’re giving an accurate look to the combat Air Force and the Guard as to what the platform is capable of when it initially fields.”

As previously reported by AVweb, the F-15EX flew for the first time in February 2021. The Air Force, which plans to procure up to 144 of the models, took delivery of the first two EX aircraft in March and April 2021. Intended to replace the aging F-15C/D models, the F-15EX variant features fly-by-wire flight controls, digital cockpit displays and advanced avionics systems.

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    • We’ve been constantly pushing defense tech for decades under the rarely challenged assumption that being out in front of all possible adversaries is essential. Right? Wrong? We will never know unless we actually go head to head with the best of the rest in a all-on real-world conflict.

    • There’s a place for stealth and a place for sheer numbers of very capable but “affordable” fighters … some of which might be lost in real combat. What’s the point of having airplanes SO expensive that you’re afraid to use them OR there aren’t enough to fight a sustained conflict.

      I have a friend who was a USAF principal in the acquisition of the F-22. I asked him what the difference was to the F-35 … his answer … “One Engine.” We gave up F-22 capabilities for the (IMHO) Swiss Army knife ‘joke’ that is the F-35. I guess we didn’t learn anything from the F-111. Gee … penny wise and dollar foolish. I’ve flown in the F-15 … unless and until you do that … you can’t appreciate its brute force capabilities. This newly updated version will be better yet. I hope they buy bunches of them and put the F-35 in the desert in Tucson. Are ya paying attention DOD ??

  1. I remember many years I was at an airshow in California and saw some of these warplanes fly for the first time.

    Talk about shock and awe! I can’t imagine how fast the poo would come out of an enemy combatant if one of these flew in anger.

    My though then, as now, is ,”Who in their right mind would f$#@ with this country”?

    I guess there are two answers.

    1) Many of our enemies are not in their right mind.
    2) Our country is in the process of being neutered.

    • Enemies have an exaggerated idea of themselves?
      Enemies believe they have a moral right, so are persisten
      Enemies have a criminal mentality, clever but stoopid.

      (I still use as an example of the criminal mind the couple who flew from Vancouver BC to Whitehorse YT, promised to self-quarantine for two weeks, a day or two later flew to a small settlement where vaccinations against SARS2 were offered to all residents, and lied that they were working at a local motel.

      Then tried to mooch a ride the 1.9km to the airport they flew into.

      Someone called the motel and learned they’d lied, then ‘dropped a dime’ – authorities met them at Whitehorse airport checking in to leave. Penalty could be a fine and 6 months in jail.

      (Apparently paranoid about the virus, they would have to wait months to be vaccinated in Vancouver BC as they were 54 and 33 years old, priority given to older people and the vulnerable. BC health system said they’d have to go to the back of the line to get a second does in BC, YT health system wanted them in jail so wouldn’t be eager to provide a second dose.)

      The perps made the effort to figure out where they could get vaccinated and spin a cover story – then were stoopid about a ride to the airport despite being well dressed for walking in the weather.

      (The small tribal settlement was being vaccinated because of many elderly people in poor health, distance to good medical care, and potential exposure from people on the Alaska Highway. A mobile clinic was only there for a few days, offering vaccination to all residents. IOW, they researched the subject and found a location. )