Navy Holds Safety Pause Monday


The Navy is pausing the flying of all non-deployed aircraft on Monday after three crashes in one week killed six crew members. The day will be used to “review risk-management practices and conduct training on threat and error-management processes,” a statement from the Navy said. “In order to maintain the readiness of our force, we must ensure the safety of our people remains one of our top priorities.” Deployed units will do a safety stand-down when their schedules permit.

On June 3, an FA-18 Super Hornet pilot was killed in a training accident and on June 8 an Osprey went down in the southern California desert killing all five Marines on board. The next day, an MH-60S Seahawk crashed near El Centro, California, but only one of the four crew was injured.

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    • So, as of today (6/13), the only pilot publicly identified that I could find was a white male (not that this matters in the least). The facts behind all three accidents have yet to be determined (i.e. we have no idea if pilot error or not). You’re implying that pilots not meeting certain identifiers are somehow less skilled and responsible for these crashes, without knowing any of the facts behind these cases.

      As is typical here and elsewhere, you seek to stir up politically-heated and confirmation bias-affirming nonsense, and you cheapen this entire tragedy with with this drivel. Go away keyboard warrior.

    • Please provide at least one reliable, verifiable, and objective study, analysis, or other document that shows that recruiting candidates who allegedly “check the right boxes” contributed to the cause(s) of these mishaps.

      Of course, you can’t. The Marines and Naval Aviator who were killed haven’t even been buried yet, and you’re on this web site spouting drivel-laden, fact-free garbage about the cause(s).

  1. “Check the right boxes”? Maybe you need to A: Learn how to compose a grammatically correct sentence, and B: Go somewhere else where your barely disguised racism and misogyny would be welcome. Here, skill, persistence and talent are the reason you get into the big seat up front, not what you look like.

    • I agree entirely, but I feel like I should clarify my comments regarding the recent article about the Navy program providing flight instruction towards PPL for underserved groups. There is a distinct difference between providing an opportunity for underrepresented students to gain their first exposure to aviation (this is good) and bending the rules / standards to enable a certain group to attain certification (not good). The former I think everyone should support, the latter should be criticized appropriately. The latter is also largely a red herring.

      The statements on this article by the nameless keyboard warrior above are just toxic trolling, and should be viewed as such. My toddler offers better logic for his tantrums than these people.