On The Fly


The FAA has been sued by St. Louis-based regional airline RegionsAir, which claims federal inspectors improperly grounded the airline after a dispute over pilot-training procedures…

FAA Administrator Marion Blakey spoke about NextGen and crowded-airspace issues on PBS NewsHour on Tuesday. Video, audio and transcript are posted online

Scaled Composites has established a fund to help the families of those hurt and killed in an explosion at its Mojave, Calif., facility last month…Aurora Flight Sciences, of Manassas, Va., said it will now sell Diamond DA42s outfitted to carry aerial sensor gear

Satellite TV signals are interfering with radar systems on B-2 bombers, says GovExec.com

An Idaho airport has been named in honor of World War II fighter ace Pappy Boyington

CubCrafters has named Blake Maygra director of all new aircraft production.