On The Fly…


Eleven pilots have been chosen to represent the U.S. at the World Aerobatic Championships next year. Out of 97 competitors, the winners were: Debby Rihn-Harvey, from La Porte, Texas; Michael Racy, of Tucson, Ariz.; David Martin, from Graford, Texas; Melissa Andrzejewski, from Auburn, Calif.; Robert Armstrong, from Athens, Ga.; Chandy Clanton, from Lincoln, Neb.; Dan Clark, from Houston, Texas; Vicki Cruse, from Camarillo, Calif.; Zach Heffley, from Fort Worth, Texas; Allyson Parker-Lauck, from Nut Tree, Calif.; and Goode Thomas (alternate). from Rock Hill, S.C….

Quest Aircraft has earned Type Inspection Authorization for its Kodiak bush plane. It’s an important step toward full certification and production of the turboprop single, which can take off in less than 700 feet with a useful load of 3475 lbs. and a gross weight of 6450 lbs….

Raytheon has won a contract (worth a potential $185 million) to modernize radar installations that are the backbone of the air traffic control system. The company will replace old equipment that still uses vacuum tubes with digital systems. The first ($32 million) phase will cover four sites but up to 68 will eventually be converted.