On The Fly…


Owners of Diamond Aircraft have formed their own organization. The new Diamond Owners and Pilots Organization recently debuted online. This non-profit organization was established to “support the owners and pilots of certified aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Corporation and to educate, promote the safety of and encourage ownership of these aircraft.” The group will also work together with other aircraft associations to promote all of the benefits of general aviation. For more information, please visit their Web site

Glacier Girl — one of few P-38s flying in the world — is scheduled to fly again on March 19-20. Steve Hinton will pilot the beautifully restored warbird over the skies of Middlesboro, Ky. Glacier Girl organizers advise Hinton may also fly another P-38 on site. For more information, visit the online Glacier Girl Gazette newsletter

As we reported on Monday, Bombardier’s workers union was voting on a new company proposal that could have possibly closed the Toronto facility. Workers voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new deal that will keep the facility operating for at least another three years. Under the new deal with de Havilland’s 1,900 unionized employees, workers will see wages rise by 7 percent over the three years of the contract, which kicks in when the current contract expires June 21. However, to meet this goal, about 650 jobs at Bombardier Inc.’s de Havilland aircraft assembly plant will be eventually cut…

Raytheon is considering a plan to move some of its production south of the border. The company is analyzing the benefits of outsourcing its wire harnesses and electrical panels work to Mexico, where two companies specializing in this field are located. No decision has been made on this particular area, but teams are analyzing outsourcing work across Raytheon Aircraft’s lines in an effort to cut costs.