On the Fly …


The crew survived the July 7 crash of a Kalitta Air Boeing 747-200 cargo jet that lost power shortly after takeoff in Bogota, but the aircraft was burned and two on the ground were killed. It was the second 747 crash for Kalitta in six weeks, the previous on took place in Brussels, May 25. Now rumors have emerged that the crew of the Bogota flight said the aircraft lost power of the outboard starboard engine after rotation, followed by failure of the outboard port engine as the crew was preparing to follow standard procedures for single-engine failure during takeoff. Loss of an engine during takeoff is central to the Brussels investigation.

Xerion Avionix LLC has earned FAA approval for installation of the AuRACLE CRM series engine management systems into all 4 and 6-cylinder Cessna and Piper aircraft via STC. (AVweb has a short video on this product here.)

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has moved to cut red tape that hinders experienced overseas aircraft engineers from joining the Australian aviation industry. Procedures for qualification of eligible engineers have been streamlined to boost the numbers of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers in that country. For more, click here.

A First Choice Boeing 767 out of Gatwick for Cuba with 268 aboard landed in Bermuda after one allegedly unruly passenger reportedly lunged for the door as crewmembers attempted to defuse an altercation.

At least two crew members have been recovered after the crash of USAF B-52 off Guam early Monday, but it’s not clear from initial reports whether they survived. Four others are presumably missing. The aircraft was to fly over a parade marking the anniversary of the liberation of Guam in the Second World War. The plane was from Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, La.