One person was killed and five injured after a Cessna 172 made an emergency landing on a bridge and collided with an SUV in Miami on Saturday afternoon. Two occupants of the plane were able to get out of the plane and were taken to a local trauma center. The body of another person was found in the plane. He has since been identified as Narciso Torres, a Miami Tower controller. The three occupants of the SUV were treated for non-life-threatening injuries according to local officials. The aircraft fuselage was destroyed in a post-crash fire but it was about 100 feet from the SUV and the fire did not spread.

The aircraft took off from Fort Lauderdale bound for Key West when the crash occurred about 1 p.m. The crash occurred on Haulover Inlet Bridge. Some officials have told local media the aircraft lost power before the accident. The plane hit the SUV head on and ended up inverted and on fire.


    • Road are one thing, bridges with side rails are another. Cars can get out of your way very easily on a bridge. Ditching in a fixed gear plane is bad too, I think fight or flight instant response would make that call at that time.

  1. Having lived and flown in that area for a big part of my life, I would recommend ditching in the water THAT’S ALL AROUND you and is not freezing anytime of the year. Landing on a bridge like that is suicidal.

    • If the “Monday morning QBs” influence a single pilot into making a better decision. It is called ‘hangar flying’ and ‘post-crash analysis’. Otherwise known as “I would much rather learn from the mistakes of others.”

  2. I have done a bit of flying in that area and there are 2 very nice beaches, one on either side of the bridge. Even going into the water a few yards off shore would have been a much better choice in my mind.
    One “limiting factor” is that Haulover Beach, just north of the bridge, has a nude (clothing optional) beach which may have been a distraction.
    I know that from 1000′ you can’t tell though.