Pat Luebke Passes Away


Aviation writer, editor and marketing consultant Patricia Luebke passed away last Friday after a brief illness. Luebke got her start in aviation as an advertising assistant at Flying and became a vice president for the magazine’s publishing company before beginning a freelance career. She also worked with organizations including Avionics News, Sporty’s, AOPA and Lightspeed Aviation.

Luebke was an active member of Women in Aviation International (WAI), which credits her with being the creative force behind programs and events including Girls in Aviation Day, the annual female group photo at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the WAI conference Daily newsletters, and the Honor The WASP event. In addition, she was a regular contributor to Aviation for Women and Aviation for Girls magazines.

“Girls in Aviation Day, sparked by Pat’s creativity, has resulted in approximately 56,150 kids being introduced to aviation (to date) with more to come in the years that follow,” said WAI. “Her ideas and creativity have impacted thousands in aviation and her legacy will live on in those she continues to inspire.” The organization has announced that it will be offering a Pat Luebke memorial scholarship to “continue Pat’s legacy of candid and thorough aviation journalism” and “encourage WAI members to pursue their own best aviation-related personal development goal.”

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  1. In addition to the accomplishments listed above, Pat was instrumental in the revival of Leighton Collins’ landmark publication “Air Facts” as an on-line magazine. Many readers and contributors had the pleasure of interacting with Pat, enjoying her humor and benefiting from her editorial guidance.

    As Mark says – Blue skies and tailwinds.

  2. My God … just in the last weeks I worked with Pat writing an article for Air Facts. We had a fun series of emails in the process. When I noticed that she has passed on just after those emails, I was decimated. I guess the moral here is … ya better put the “F” and “U” back in FUN before the party ends prematurely and suddenly.

    I’ll say some prayers for the repose of her soul.