Piper M600/SLS With HALO Earns EASA Certification


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved Piper’s M600/SLS HALO safety system, driven by Garmin Autoland technology. Ron Gunnarson, Piper vice president of sales, marketing and customer support, said, “Our customers are looking for the kind of unique value proposition only available in the M600/SLS as well as the peace of mind that comes with HALO and the Garmin Autoland system.” He added that the M600 is also attractive for its range, payload and safety features, and that it has “outstanding acquisition and operating economics.”

Piper will officially hand over the first M600/SLS with HALO and Garmin Autoland under European registry around midyear, according to Piper. Piper Aircraft also plans an aggressive European demo tour for the M600/SLS later this summer following the presumed wind-down of COVID-19 restrictions. The tour will touch down at all Piper dealers in the region as well as key market areas. The M600/SLS has currently flown more than 100 Autoland demos and Piper has delivered 67 Autoland-equipped aircraft in the U.S. market to date.

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