Russia Building New ‘Doomsday’ Aircraft


Russia is reportedly working on a new airborne command and control aircraft that would be used in case of nuclear war or some other catastrophe. The so-called “Doomsday” plane will be based on an Il-96-400M airliner and will replace the current fleet of Il-80 aircraft modified for that purpose. The new aircraft will have a longer range and be able to direct military assets within about 3,700 miles of its location.

There will apparently be two aircraft built and one is already under construction. The Il-96-400M is a widebody airliner and is also used as the executive transport for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The U.S. has several E-4B aircraft for similar use. They’re based on Boeing 747-200s and there is always one ready to fly in case it’s needed.

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    • Air Force 1 has some of the same communications equipment as an E-4B, but its core mission is executive transport (with press onboard and everything). The E-4B is a dedicated command center. Lots of communication and data connectivity equipment. No seats for the press.

      In short, AF1 carries the President and his entourage. The E-4B carries the Generals and their staff.

      Both aircraft are based on the 747 airframe.

      • There may be a shadow fight when POTUS is at a location, at least a backup aircraft at a nearby airport.

        One day a backup was needed, as the airplane doing Air Force Flight One got stuck during taxing.

        IIRC he was flown out on a mundane aircraft.

  1. And in other breaking news, AVWEB is reporting that water, snow and ice are all comprised of the same elements. We have our E-4B’s, Russia has their version and I suspect China as well as a host of other countries have something similar. I’ll still sleep well tonight.