Sun ‘n Fun Postponed Until May 5-10


Sun ‘n Fun has been postponed until May 5 to 10, 2020, on concerns over the spread of COVID-19. According to Tampa’s foxnews13, the city of Lakeland made the announcement on Friday morning. As of Friday afternoon, the Sun ‘n Fun organization hadn’t returned AVweb’s calls and emails for details on the rescheduling, but some exhibitors were aware of the change.

City authorities said Friday that a decision will be made on April 17 on whether another postponement will be necessary “depending on the virus and what happens between now and then.” The show was originally scheduled for March 31 to April 5. As numerous venues and events are being canceled or postponed in Florida and throughout the country, at least two exhibitors notified AVweb that they had canceled even before the postponement announcement. A third told us it was evaluating the situation.

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  1. ’bout freakin’ time they came to their senses. Yes I’m sorry for the venders that laid out a ton of cash to do this, but this is the RIGHT thing to do, not joke about it being a hoax like our current government did….pathetic.

  2. COVID is serious but not to the point of the mass hysteria we are seeing. Swine flue was at least as bad if not worse, 60 million infected, more than 1/2 million hospitalized and 20,000 dead in this country. Media has hyped this to the moon. I think all these event closures are questionable, elderly and immune compromised are the ones that should self isolate themselves.

  3. Why not cancel like everyone else seems to be doing as the socially responsible thing to do. Vendors have many shows and events to attend and will not be able to be there at the new date and certainly, not getting the real answer until April 17 is an even bigger scheduling problem. Appreciate they hate to lose the revenue but it is the right thing to do in view of all the support from vendors through the years.