Surack Enterprises Purchases Enstrom


Surack Enterprises founder Chuck Surack has purchased Michigan-based aircraft manufacturer Enstrom Helicopter Corporation. According to the company, which is headquartered in Indiana, it plans to “rebuild the Enstrom brand into one of the leading American-made helicopter manufacturer[s] as it once was.” Enstrom filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last January and announced in March that it had found a buyer in MidTex Aviation.

“Earlier this year it looked as if MidTex Aviation would step in and buy Enstrom, but when they had unexpected problems securing the funding, Chuck was able to step in and save the company, which ended a lot of sleepless nights here for us in Michigan!” said Enstrom President and CEO Matt Francour.

Surack Enterprises’ aviation-related business portfolio includes Sweet Aviation and Sweet Helicopters, which provide charter flights, training and rentals for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft respectively, and Aviation Specialty Insurance. A helicopter pilot himself, Surack has owned an Enstrom 480B. Surack Enterprises says its immediate goal will be to provide parts and support to current Enstrom owners, followed by restarting production and exploring plans to “improve and update” the Enstrom helicopter fleet.

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  1. Perhaps you could talk to him if you go to Goshen IN for ‘Rotors & Ribs’ do on July 9, 2022, part of ‘America’s Freedom Fest’ there.

    Not to be confused – hah! – with the event of similar name in Provo UT.

    There’s something called the ‘Surack Family Foundation’, Chuck and Lisa Surack. Supports various charities including ‘mental health’ but they do not detail their approach, also art and music. Says they run a large seller of musical instruments.

  2. Chuck Surack is the founder of Sweetwater Music, the largest music retailer in the US and probably the world, based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. If he is as successful with Enstrom as he has been with Sweetwater, then Enstrom is very lucky to have him as a buyer.

    Of course, the best way to make a small fortune is aviation is to start with a large fortune, but I’d guess he does have pockets of sufficient depth to make it work.

  3. Listened to the 28′ audio. doesn’t sound like anyone with any understanding or background in aviation. “..3 bladed helos?

    but it sounds like they’ll be making parts, lottsa parts.

    I smell a huge rat & feel for the locals.

    listening to him is like listening to agent orange.