ADS-B Manufacturer NavWorx Ceases Operation


While it looked like owners of NavWorx ADS600-B ADS-B systems hit with a controversial AD were in luck with a replacement option, NavWorx announced today on its website that it is unable to sell the updated ADS600-B NextGen 2.0 or provide AD updates for either certified or experimental aircraft.

Since the issue with old versions of the ADS600-B centered around the internal WAAS GPS engine that the FAA determined wasn’t certified per the governing FAA regulations for position reporting, NavWorx ultimately sourced and utilized a replacement GPS module from a third-party vendor. The resulting replacement product was the ADS600-B 2.0—a system that was represented as a fully approved, drop-in replacement for versions that were non-compliant.

According to NavWorx, while the third-party vendor represented its GPS module as meeting 14 CFR 91.227 criteria, the FAA determined the module does not meet regulations. As a result, the short announcement on said the company is not conducting business and has ceased operations.

As we reported this past September, company president Bill Moffitt boasted of “significant progress with certification of the ADS600-B 2.0,” and said the company had found a viable solution to the long-delayed actions with the FAA. At the time, NavWorx was still waiting for final TSO approval for installation of the ADS600-B 2.0 in certified aircraft and encouraged customers to apply for the FAA’s $500 rebate while there was still time. As of November 2016, sources estimated that over 800 U.S.-registered aircraft were affected by the ADS-B receivers grounded by the FAA AD.

In its latest announcement, NavWorx said it will provide updates only if they become available. We’ll report on any that are released. We couldn’t reach the company for additional comment as we go to press.