ForeFlight Adds BizAv Features


ForeFlight is at NBAA’s convention in Orlando this week with a bundle of new products designed for high-performance business aviation aircraft. “We raised the bar and transformed ForeFlight’s product suite into a high-powered, next-generation integrated flight deck and flight-planning application for business aviation,” said CEO Tyson Weihs, at the show. The new features include mobile pre-departure clearance, developed in partnership with Satcom Direct. The mobile clearance, received via text, is the same as receiving a verbal clearance, ForeFlight officials said.

Also at the show, ForeFlight debuted Trip Assistant, which helps with trip planning from door to door, taking into account drive time, winds aloft and fuel stops. The app will create an itinerary that computes exactly when to leave in order to arrive on time at the final destination. Users can select their own criteria for determining the best stops, taking into account aircraft range and preferred leg times. “Our flight-planning supercomputer quickly delivers accurate calculations to ForeFlight Mobile and ForeFlight Web using quality-controlled aircraft performance data, factors in load and environmental conditions like wind and temps aloft, [and] delivers pre-departure clearance information via SMS and email,” said Weihs.