Dynon’s Skyview Gets a Touch Interface


Dynon Avionics is a major player in the experimental and light sport aircraft avionics market and the companys flagship Skyview integrated avionics suite has been a huge success for a wide variety of models. Since the latest trend for LSA and experimental aircraft avionics is a touchscreen feature set, Dynon reworked the Skyview into the Skyview Touch. It has a new user interface with both touch and traditional joystick knobs and buttons.

The Skyview Touch retains many of the same major features of the older Skyview, but gets a software upgrade that enables more functionality. The single 10-inch display starts at $3995, which is $395 more than the older Skyview. Existing SV-D1000 Skyview customers can easily upgrade to the Touch version for $795. The upgrade is seamless because much of the existing Dynon wiring and remote components can be utilized with the Touch system.

Dynon also introduced new knob and autopilot control consoles that integrate with the Touch display. The $250 SV-KNOB-PANEL component contains dedicated control knobs for adjusting the most commonly used function modes, including altitude bug, baro setting and heading/track bug. The $550 autopilot control head commands all of the Dynons integrated autopilot modes, including a dual-axis trim control. The autopilot can still be commanded from the Skyview screen, using touch or buttons.

Also new with Skyview Touch is an onscreen six-pack flight instrument display. These familiar round instruments can be displayed with a synthetic vision background or on a plain screen. Skyview Touch supports full electronic charting, including airport diagrams and georeferenced procedure charts for $99 per year.

Software version 10.0 for the Skyview Touch enables more functionality with third-party navigators, including Garmin’s GNS and GTN-series navigators. This enables overlay of the navigator’s course data on the Skyview map-a function that was lacking with the old software.

You can watch a video demonstration of the Skyview Touch here. Visit Dynon Avionics for more information.