Garmin Announces STC For Its Experimental G5 Flight Instrument


Now Dynon Avionics isn’t alone with a certified version of an experimental EFIS display. At AirVenture 2016 at Oshkosh, Garmin announced a wholly owned AML-STC (approved model list supplemental type certificate) for its previously introduced G5 electronic flight instrument. When installed per the STC, the G5 will be approved for use as a primary attitude and turn coordinator instrument when installed in the six-pack instrument layout of 562 certified aircraft. The G5 will be approved for VFR and IFR flight and it has a 4-hour emergency backup battery.

The G5 fits in a standard 3-inch instrument cutout and has a 3.5-inch LED display. Unlike the version released for non-certified aircraft, the G5 for certified models won’t have an autopilot interface and can’t display glideslope data. Installation is expected to be straightforward, requiring power and ground wiring, plus pitot and static source input.

Expected to be available in September 2016, the G5 for certified aircraft has an anticipated street price of $2149, and $2499 with optional external GPS antenna. The G5 instrument will be installed in AOPA’s Cessna 172 sweepstakes aircraft and will be offered in other Yingling Ascend refurbished Cessna 172 aircraft. The instrument must be purchased and installed through Garmin’s dealer network.

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