NavWorx AD Solutions Ready


NavWorx says it’s working on solutions to the airworthiness issues it has with some of its ADS-B products and will have a fix as soon as the FAA deals with the airworthiness directive (AD) it has issued against those devices. Last month the FAA issued a proposed AD that would require the removal of Model ADS600-B part number (P/N) 200-0012 and 200-0013 and Model ADS600-EXP P/N 200-8013 transceivers in 800 aircraft. The comment period for the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) expires Dec. 20 and that’s when NavWorx will implement one of its plans.

“Based on the final AD, the AD may be rescinded, or the AD may be modified to allow for just previously approved GPS sources,” NavWorx says in a statement on its website. “If the FAA does not allow the use of the internal GPS, then we will offer the ability to modify the products from the 200-0012 & 200-0013 part numbers to part numbers 200-0112 & 200-0113. The 200-0112 & 200-0113 part numbers are approved under the FAA Rebate program and are not the subject to the AD.” The company says the website is updated regularly with new developments and it’s urging those affected to look there first. “As I hope you understand, the past few weeks our phone system has been overwhelmed by volume and we can imagine the frustration this may cause. Be assured we are here and working tirelessly to take care of you, our customer,” the website says.