NavWorx Certifies ADS-B Receiver


As the ADS-B mandate draws nearer, the market for certified ADS-B equipment is heating up. This month, Texas-based NavWorx announced that it has just obtained FAA TSO approval for its ADS600-B, a Universal Access Transceiver that provides both ADS-B In and Out capability and meets the 2020 mandate. In addition to broadcasting the required Out data, the ADS600-B can also receive ADS-B In services such as ADS-R and TIS-B traffic information and FIS-B weather services. The device also has a WiFi adapter that allows wireless connectivity to tablet applications. Although the unit can accept position data from external WAAS GPS receivers, it also has its own internal WAAS GPS from Accord Technology for those aircraft that dont already have WAAS GPS in the panel. The ADS600-B product line prices start at $2595.

NavWorxs product joins a small but growing class of certified ADS-B products from Aspen, Garmin, FreeFlight System and Bendix/King, which introduced the KT74 with extended squitter at AirVenture in July.