New This Week


Wayne Whitley

AVwebs weekly search of whats new in aviation revealed Just Aircraft has scheduled its Just Plane Fun Days, a Women Can Fly event was held in Charlottesville, SocialFlight has released an upgrade to help pilots more easily find aviation events and points of interest near airports, and the iPad Takes Flight! EPB Challenge has added NAFI as a sponsor. Just Aircraft will sponsor Just Plane Fun Days on Aug. 29 through Aug. 31 (Labor Day weekend) at Brass Town Airport, near Brass Town, N.C. Open to anyone and free of charge, the event appeals largely to people who own one of the Just Aircraft models. It is expected that Highlanders and new SuperSTOLs will dominate the event. On June 28, Whirly Girl Banu Cole coordinated a Women Can Fly event that was held at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (CHO) in Charlottesville, Va. Women Can Fly is a newly created volunteer-based organization whose mission is to promote women of all ages to fly. The events introduce young girls and women to aviation by offering free airplane and helicopter rides, static displays, tower tours, and exhibitions representing various aviation professionals and organizations.

SocialFlight, the free web and mobile app that maps general aviation events, has added points-of-interest to its growing list of features, expanding beyond aviation events to become a resource for all aviation destinations, including the ubiquitous “$100 hamburger.” The new release, SocialFlight 4, allows users to view over 100,000 unique Points-of-Interest (POIs), all within walking distance of airports and aviation events. Tapping on any airport or event on the SocialFlight map opens a pop-up showing the user categories of POIs nearby, as well as event summary information, airport information and even local weather. In addition, users can filter the map to display airports based on nearby POI types such as food, lodging, transportation, attractions, camping and aviation businesses. Finally, the National Association of Flight Instructors and MyGoFlight announced that NAFI has become a sponsor of the iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Edition, a seminar/contest series designed to advance the use of iPads and other tablet devices in-flight by pilots. This seminar series builds on the iPad Takes Flight! seminar series given by MYGOFLIGHT to thousands of pilots over the past three years.