Volume 28, Number 20a, May 10, 2021
$1,000 Landing Fee Proposed For Massachusetts Private Aircraft
The Massachusetts senator representing Cape Cod will undoubtedly hear from his well-heeled constituents over his proposed bill to charge a $1,000 fee for every landing of private, corporate and charter aircraft in the state. Julian Cyr, one of 37 (of 40) Democrats in the state Senate, has filed a petition[…]   Read this article
Take A Seat In Fantasy’s Front Row
Someone accused me of disliking Piper Cubs simply because I’m an Aeronca snob. Not true … mostly. I’ve adored Cubs since I first saw a J-3 levitate off Ramapo, New York Airport on an unstable spring morning when I was an unstable kid. Making little forward progress, it dangled as[…]   Read this article
Electric Airplane Racing Is Coming
Every month we see a new electric airplane project or two and sometime next year, we hope to see the first electric airplane race. Building on the gasoline Formula 1 race idea, Air Race E will soon announce a venue for the first international electric airplane race event. In this[…] Read this article

Canada Looks At Hiring Immigrant Air Force Pilots
The head of the Royal Canadian Air Force is suggesting luring military pilots from other countries to fill a stubborn shortage in its own ranks. Lt.-Gen. Al Meinzinger told the Canadian Press that attempts to bring retired pilots back into uniform have been lukewarm and conventional recruitment hasn’t been able[…] Read this article

Ghost Cub Flies 1.5 Miles Before Crashing In Nebraska
A hand-propping gone wrong launched a vintage J-3 Cub on a 1.5 mile flight on its own last week in Nebraska. The Lincoln Journal Star is reporting that police say a mechanic was trying to start the Cub at Central City Airport on the evening of May 3 but didn’t[…] Read this article

New French Air Force Pilot Tied To Live Gunnery Range Target In Hazing
French authorities say a newly minted pilot was in no danger when fellow pilots of his first squadron blindfolded and tied him to a liberally bullet-marked concrete target on an active live aerial gunnery range. The fresh graduate was assigned to a combat fighter squadron on the French island of[…] Read this article

Bombardier Cautiously Navigates New Path
Bombardier has declared the COVID-19 turbulence to be all but over but it’s taking a cautious approach to future production increases. The company, which only a few years ago made everything from wings for Boeings to high-speed trains, has shed all of that to become purely focused on business jet[…] Read this article

FAA Charts Additional Space Launch Activity Areas
The FAA has announced that it is adding more space launch activity area markers to pilot navigation charts with the goal of “increasing pilot safety and airspace awareness.” Citing a significant increase in commercial space operations, the agency emphasized that pilots flying near space launch activity areas should check the[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, May 7, 2021
Pilot Deviations Years ago, while flying for a regional and in ATL Center airspace (it was a very busy time of day) we were handed off to the next controller. As we switched frequencies, I heard the controller basically yelling at another (major) air carrier, based in ATL. “I told[…] Read this article