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Volume 30, Number 3b, January 17, 2023
3,000th Cessna Caravan Delivered
Textron Aviation delivered the 3,000th Cessna Caravan family turboprop last week during ceremony at its Independence, Kansas, location. The aircraft, a Cessna Grand Caravan EX, went to Azul Airlines subsidiary Azul Conecta. It will be based in São Paulo, Brazil,[…]   Read this article
Stratolaunch Completes Second Talon-A Captive Carry Flight
Stratolaunch’s Roc carrier aircraft completed its second captive carry flight with the company’s TA-0 Talon-A test vehicle on Friday (Jan. 13). The unpowered TA-0 is being used to validate Roc’s release system and test the behavior of both aircraft during[…]   Read this article
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The Resurrection Of Lady Vi
The Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience, a nonprofit organization based in Covington, Tennessee, is dedicated to preserving, flying and training pilots in Burt Rutan’s canard designs. Ryszard Zadow, the founder and prime mover behind RAFE, had a dream—he wanted to acquire a[…] Read this article

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EAA To Host Virtual Ultralight Days 2023
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is bringing back its Virtual Ultralight Days webinar event designed for people with an interest in ultralight aviation. Featuring 15 live webinars, EAA Virtual Ultralight Days will take place online from Feb. 21 through Feb.[…] Read this article

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General Aviation Accident Bulletin, January 16, 2023
AVweb’s General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister publication, Aviation Safety magazine. All the reports listed here are preliminary and include only initial factual findings about crashes. You can learn more about the final probable[…] Read this article

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