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Volume 29, Number 24d, June 16, 2022
5G Deadline Looms, FAA Urges Action
In two weeks, AT&T and Verizon will turn up the power on 5G signals around some of the country’s biggest airports and the FAA is imploring airlines to harden vulnerable aircraft against interference with their radar altimeters. The telecoms agreed[…]   Read this article
In The Presence Of Greatness With No Presence Of Mind
It’s possible you’ve never heard of the legendary pilot, Ann Dearing Holtgren Pellegreno. But you should have. In 2019, Ann received the FAA’s Wright Brothers’ Master Pilot Award for a lifetime of aviation achievements. Swell, but who hasn’t? Me, for[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: What Top Gun Pilots Really Think Of Maverick
“Top Gun Maverick” is cleaning up at the box office ($747 million worldwide) and has established itself as the summer blockbuster it was promised to be. Meanwhile, pilot blogs and channels continue to dissect and review it. This one, from[…] Read this article

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Air Force Tries New Tactics To Retire A-10
The Air Force has gone strategic on its seemingly hopeless quest to retire the elderly A-10. Instead of year after year giving well-reasoned arguments to Congress on how the slow and boxy airplane is like a big metal billboard to[…] Read this article

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NASA Denies SpaceX Starship Launches At Cape Canaveral
Elon Musk’s casual, even celebratory attitude toward the spectacular explosions that destroyed earlier tests of his Starship launch system may have come back to bite him. NASA says it won’t allow launches of the massive rocket from SpaceX’s pad at[…] Read this article

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Balloon Snags Train, Three Hurt
The NTSB has issued a preliminary report on a collision between a hot air balloon and a freight train that seriously injured the balloon pilot and two passengers on June 5. The Cameron Z-90 balloon landed beside the tracks and[…] Read this article